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Orlando African Fashion Show (OAFS) is Central Florida's biggest African multicultural event designed to bridge the gap in cultural diversity by bringing together and presenting fashion, culture, entertainment, the arts and business development. OAFS is committed to empowering the community to get involved with cultural tourism, the arts and push the envelope with creative ventures thus creating an increase in economic opportunities for Cultural tourism and the Arts.OAFS is also held in September every year to celebrate African Heritage Month in Orlando and Orange County.


Join this amazing dance workout from different cultures in Africa. Get aboard this ship that will take you on a cultural cruise and experience of African energy and rhythm. 

Orlando African Dance Explosion is a workshop that exposes you to instructors and rhythms from Central, East, South, West, and North African The workouts get you immediately moving all parts of your body It will take you on an exciting energy burst!

Orlando African Dance adds spice to your workout and helps you burn a lot of calories while you're having fun.

It is open to all dance fitness levels.



Orlando African Festival showcases the rich and diverse cultures of the Pan African Community. 

Orlando African Festival seeks to highlight the relationship between people of African heritage and the African Diaspora groups as well as to unite everyone in our local Florida communities.


Our upscale social for African diaspora professionals and friends of Africa. 

It's a great event to connect with new friends, enjoy great food and music from the heart of Africa. 

Experience a great African lifestyle and culutural connection.